Jasmin's Network

    "Your network is your net worth"

Jasmin Morgan is the founder and owner of Jasmin’s Network, a marketing and branding solutions company. Jasmin established Jasmin’s Network in 2015 to help business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs market their businesses.


Jasmin’s passion is helping people integrate marketing, and social networking, as a part of their professional growth plan. She has a talent for teaching people how to brand themselves as well as their products and do the things that leave a positive impact on customers and clients. And for people who don’t have the time or interest to do it for themselves, Jasmin does it for them.


A psychology and human services major, Jasmin has always had a love for studying people and uses her observations to gain positive results while being of service to them. Being a true Leo, she is a natural leader, but she only leads by example.


As a branding and marketing professional, Jasmin also knows the importance in not only getting your product or service noticed but also providing customer satisfaction and gaining positive results.


Jasmin’s clients include but are not limited to, cosmetologist, makeup artist, stylist, and property management companies. She has worked with clients in many different professions and has found that customer satisfaction is a universal language.


Born and proudly raised in Gary, Indiana, since she was a little girl, Jasmin has had a vision that includes the development of other entrepreneurs, as well as micro and small businesses in her beloved city.  Email Jasmin now to not only get your products and services noticed, but learn how to retain clients and gain referrals.